Children's Classes

Утренние занятия для детей 3 - 5 лет.

Для детей 3-х - 5-ти лет в утренние часы в школе работают 4-х часовые развивающие классы. Дети могут посещать эти классы от 2-х до 5-ти раз в неделю. Помимо уроков по развитию речи и начального обучения грамоте, с детьми также проводятся уроки музыки, математики, танцев, английского языка, природоведения, истории и рисования.

Вечерние занятия для детей от 4 лет и старше.

Для детей старше 4-х лет в вечерние часы и по выходным дням Школа предлагает классы:

  • русского языкa
  • литературы
  • рисования
  • математики
  • мировой художественной культуры
  • шахмат
  • Театральная студия
  • "Веселые нотки"
  • биологии
  • оригами
  • фортепиано (индивидуально или в группе до 5-ти учеников)

Adult's Classes

Language classes and programs:

1. Regular Class:

Beginning. For those students who have no knowledge of Russian. The class focuses on conversation. Basic grammatical structure will be studied to master skills for daily situations.

Intermediate. For those students who have studied Russian for one to two years. The class focuses on improving conversational skills with review of essential Russian grammar.

Advanced. For those students who have studied Russian at least for two to three years or have equivalent qualifications. The class focuses on discussion of selected topics. Reading will include various Russian newspapers, magazine articles as well as Russian classic and modern literature.

2. Individual Class.

Individual class offers a one-on-one lesson and is designed to learn language at personal pace, n personal schedule, and through a curriculum that can be customized to meet students' specific needs; such as special business or travel courses. Due to various needs of students, the total number of lessons entirely depends on students' individual goal.

3. Russian Class at your Company.

For any company, government agency, club or organization whose members want to learn Russian together and who are not able to commute to RLS classroom, we can also send our instructor to your company. Several companies already have Russian classes at such time as during the early morning or extended lunch.

4. Classes of languages of former Soviet Republics.

Available upon request.

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В Школе русского языка продолжается запись детей в развивающие утренние (с 8:30 до 12:30) программы.


В Школе русского языка ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙ 5-и ЛЕТ c 8 сентября начинают работать два новых класса.

Holidays, when RLS will be closed


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