School Rules

School Rules and Policies

1. $89 non-refundable registration fee for new students and $49 non-refundable registration fee for returning students (that have been enrolled uninterrupted Sept. -June 15 of the previous year) is payable on the date of registration.

2. Tuition fee for group and private classes is due on the 20Th day of the month for the following month.

3. $25 late charge fee applies after the 20Th of the previous month for each student.

4. $55 service charge fee for returned checks.

5 RLS does not offer a make-up class for the missed class. Tuition cannot be refunded or prorated.

6. Students are required to bring pencils, an eraser, a notebook, and textbooks.

7. RLS will provide all textbooks which are to be returned to RLS upon completion of that book's content in class; a one-time book and material fee of $85 ($9/month) will be assessed at the start of the school year. Students are responsible for the cost of the book ($30 per book) if it is returned damaged or lost.

8. No outside supervision will be provided to students attending afternoon classes. RLS is released from all claims and liabilities arising from playing outside.

9. RLS can not make any changes in the child’s schedule for December, May, and June 1-15th.

10. RLS offers two payment options

a) Discount price option for 9 1/2 months – September-June 15 (payments are made every month). If parents decide to withdraw their child, the School must be notified a minimum of two (prepaid) weeks prior to cancellation. $100 penalty applies. Tuition cannot be refunded.

b) Regular price option. Payments are made every month. If parents decide to withdraw their child, the School must be notified a minimum of two (prepaid) weeks prior to cancellation. Tuition cannot be refunded. A registration fee ($89) will be charged upon subsequent re-enrollment.

Parents, please note:

The duration of each class is 50 minutes. Per the insurance policy, your child has to be picked up at the end of the class. No licensed babysitter will be available at the school

An after-hours charge of $9.00 per 15 minutes will be incurred on any pick-up after the requested time.

RLS retains the right to suspend or deny admission to any student not complying with the school’s rules and regulations. NO refund for prepaid weeks.

Nuts are not allowed at school.



В Школе русского языка продолжается запись детей в развивающие утренние (с 8:30 до 12:30) программы.


Для детей 5 лет в школе работает программа KINDERGARTEN.

Маленькие группы, очень качественное обучение, разнообразие классов(русский, математика, рисование, музыка, театр). Возможно ежедневное посещение или 2-3 раза в неделю. Время занятий-с 13:00 до 16:00.

Holidays, when RLS will be closed


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